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Have you ever noticed how Korean women have such an amazing, flawless and radiant skin?

Koreans have apparently poreless skin and all thanks to their exhaustive multi-step skincare ritual. Turning their skincare routine into a cult beauty regime all over the world, Koreans are being known for having what we call the “perfect skin”. Such glowing skin is achieved through a daunting 10-step skincare process which may seem complicated in the beginning but hey! it’s all about achieving the healthy glow from within. Korean skincare methods include intense cleansing, moisturising, exfoliating and adding SPF. With regular usage, it will only take 15 minutes of your day.


Urban Panache helps you break down the 10 step skincare ritual for easy understanding of the steps. Let’s read on to know Korean skincare steps that has taken global beauty world by storm.



Makeup Remover and Oil Cleansing
In order to start pampering your skin the right way, you have to get rid of all the dirt, gunk, and MAKEUP! A cotton pad with a makeup remover or an oil cleanser will not only cleanse your skin but will help remove mascara clumps stuck in your lashes, stubborn lipstick stains, heavy eye makeup wiping off basically everything! An oil cleanser helps to get rid of all the build-up during the day also removing dirt (pollution particles) and impurities while hydrating the skin.


Gentle Foaming Cleanser
Koreans “double-cleanse” their face in order to whisk away any oily residue after using an oil cleanser. They use a gentle foaming cleanser or a water based cleanser in circular motions for a glowing, acne-free skin. A water based cleanser is applied to wet skin and remove impurities such as sweat and dirt. After double-cleansing (first with an oil cleanser then with foam), no dirt particle will be left to harm your skin.


For a smooth, polished complexion, Exfoliation is crucial. It sloughs off all the debris and dead skin cells for the smoothest, softest feeling skin. Exfoliating your face once to twice a week (with gentle massaging, ofcourse!), concentrating on your blackheads/whiteheads, visible pores will work wonders for your skin.

You can use any exfoliator suitable for your skin type or can make your own DIY facial scrub.


A toner acts as a way to prep your skin, so the following skincare products absorb better. Toner helps to restore your skin’s pH levels while helping to refresh, hydrate and cleanse your skin. Dispense few drops of an alcohol-free toner into a cotton pad and gently swipe all across your face working outwards. Korean toners are less harsh and drying and that’s the reason they are called “refreshers”.


Essence is basically the heart of Korean skin care regime. These are basically lightweight serums that enhances cell turnover. It is a nourishing liquid concentrate that accelerates the skin renewal process. Essence is a magical skin secret behind Koreans youthful looks.

Just spritz some for noticeable results. Essence affects skin on a cellular level which helps make skin smoother and brighter.



Serums & Ampoules
The next step is to add a serum for maximum skin elasticity and hydration. Serums, Boosters and Ampoules are much more vitamin-enriched, concentrated (as compared to essence) and work as skin treatment products. These products address important skin issues such as skin brightening, pore refining, acne, pigmentation, dark spots to name a few. Adding serums in your skincare ritual is basically a skin perfecting step as it helps eliminating signs of ageing like dull skin, wrinkles and loss of firmness and elasticity.


Sheet Masks
Imparting sheet masks in your skin care routine is a quiet meditative, skin nourishing ritual that allows you to chill out for 15-20 mins while looking like a ghost 👻. Sheet masks are hydrating skin treatments meant to target specific areas of your face. It is a sheet oozing with serum to be used a couple times a week.

After just one use, your face is slightly more plump and much brighter due to all the moisture your skin just absorbed. Btw, you can swap a sheet mask for a serum or essence to cut time off your routine.


Eye Cream
You may have read it a zillion times already about your under eye area being the MOST delicate. Koreans are really up for – prevention is better than cure and use super hydrating and thick eye cream formulas since young ages. Regular use of eye creams keep wrinkles and dark circles at bay adding an extra dose of hydration and nourishment. Tap the eye cream around your eyes instead of pulling your skin.


The secret to glowing dewy skin – never skip a moisturiser! Find a moisturiser that works the best as per your skin type coz its a crucial step in protecting your skin. Morning and evening, pat a moisturiser all over face and neck to keep skin protected and hydrated. Massage with gentle strokes so that it really, truly penetrates into your skin.

FYI – The Korean translation for moisturiser is Emulsion.


You already know the importance of sunscreen! So even if you are stepping out in the skin for a few minutes, the best thing you can do to prevent your skin from ageing is to apply sunscreen. Apply every morning and reapply throughout the day as needed. It’s important as the last step so it can shield your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays without being diluted by all your prior skin care products.


Korean women are very particular about using a defined skincare process and start early in their life – one of the biggest reasons they look so gorgeous and well maintained even in the older years!

If you have troubled skin and have tried all sorts of skin care solutions, then Korean Skincare may actually help to change your skin for good. From a Korean-skin mindset, it’s all about pampering and taking care of yourself. Try it for yourself and let us know how it works for you!


Anubha! 🌟

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