Makeup and Beauty Tips for Indian Brides

Hello our beautiful brides to-be! Urban Panache shares top makeup and beauty tips to help our Indian brides look a million bucks on their d-day.

Cleanse your face – The first and the foremost step is to cleanse your face with a gentle moisturizer. It is critical to remove any impurities, dead skin cells, and excess oil. Using an oil free toner ensures you have a healthy and clean facial appearance.

Moisturize – Moisturizing is another essential step that makes your skin look fresh and hydrated. If you wished a dewy look for you wedding, moisturize your skin using your fingertips and massage it for a couple mins.

Foundation – They always say how important it is to pick the right shade of foundation. Use a foundation brush or a sponge because I feel these give you a much better finish than using your fingertips. This gives your foundation a more natural look and blends evenly into the skin as well.

Primer – The first and the most important step before you start applying foundation. It will make your makeup lasts longer and go smoother on your skin. A primer is a must in your bridal makeup process since it acts as a strong base for your makeup. Want a flawless glowing look throughout the day & night? A primer should be your call.

Concealer – After your moisturizer, primer and foundation – here comes the concealer. Concealer works well to cover those blemishes, deep acne marks, those pesky dark circles or any kind of redness. Take a few dabs of this product and apply it wherever required. Blend it with a sponge. Always remember, concealers are meant for coverage of certain areas and not for your entire face.

Blush – Blushes work instantly as an instant facelift. All you have to do is smile and apply the blusher on the apple of your cheeks. Apply cream blush for a natural and dewy look and add some powder blush onto it for a

Highlighting & Contouring – Now that the highlighting and contouring is a makeup fad these days, use these magical makeup essentials to totally transform your look. Use highlighters on your brow-bone, cheekbones, bridge of your nose and cupid’s bow. Do the contouring on your hairline, upper forehead and your temples for the sharp and chiseled look.

Eyes – Always start your eye makeup with a eye shadow primer. It helps set your makeup and would not let it smudge or crease. Those with oily lids opt for a oil free primer base. Select a bright and shimmery eye shadow preferably gold or peach and line your lines with a jet black eyeliner.

Quick Tip – Use the shimmery eye powder in the inner corner of your eyes as well. This will make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

Lashes – Start by curling your lashes. Squeeze your eyelash curler lightly starting from the roots towards the tip. Use fake lashes for the bold and captivating look. If you want to look all sexy and glamorous try the fuller fake lashes. These come in a lot of varieties so you can pick the one suiting your makeup needs the best. The trick is to curl your lashes first, apply a single coat of mascara and then add falsies. You can repeat the same if you want a more intense look.

Eyebrows – Use a brow pencil to fill the gaps in your eyebrows and proceed with a brow kit further to accentuate your complete look. Finish off the look by nicely combing your brows with a spoolie.

Lipstick – Make sure you have nicely scrubbed and moisturized your lips before you start prepping up your face. Scrubbing removes dead cells and follicles, gives you soft supple lips and help stay the lipstick for a longer period. Put lip balm on your lips for the added moisture and so that your lips doesn’t look flaky and dry. Pick a lipstick which either is the same color as your outfit else you could opt for a color in contrast with your wedding dress. For brides wanting to wear a lip gloss, prepare for it to fade. While matte lipsticks are highly pigmented, richly formulated and long-wearing.

Quick Tip : Use bronzing powder on your chest and neck if you need to even out your skin tone — it will make your skin more luminous and ensure that your face doesn’t look too different from your body.


Besides ensuring makeup tips and essentials for your big day, there are a few touchup products you should be keeping in your makeup bag.

1. Lipstick – Keep your lipstick handy as it would need to be touched up the most.

2. Oil free bloating sheets – Oil absorbent sheets are the best if you have an oily skin. Instead of piling on heaps of powder straightaway, blotch your skin first with the sheets and then apply some powder.

3. Q-tip – Q-tips are best to clean makeup getting accumulated in the inner and outer corners of your eyes.

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